Social Media sites are increasingly becoming more of a vital aid in improving internet presence. By using your Social Media sites within your strategy you can increase your chances of appearing in a search engines results page. The more active platforms there are of your company out there the more chance that you are going to be picked up by search engines.

Here are 4 quickfire Social Media tips to help improve your presence


1.    Post regularly – Post regular new content on all your Social Media platforms. Get into the habit of posting interesting information/articles daily,  search engines favour sites that are regularly active.

N.B. Having a blog is a great way to create content to share on your Social Media platforms.


2.    Create Shareable content – Create content that can be shared by your fans/ followers etc. The amount of interaction on your Google+ Facebook and Twitter pages is now is making a difference to who and what search engines are favouring. The more you engage with your followers the more likely they will share your content making your platforms and therefore your business look more favourable in the powerful eyes Google or other Search engines.


3.    Use targeted Keywords – Most of your target audience are probably looking for businesses within a specific area therefore it is important to include geographical keywords such as your address on your social media sites where you can.


4.    Tell us about yourself – Make sure you fill in the ‘about’ section on all your Social Media platforms, the more information about your business on the internet the better. Try and include your company’s keywords if you can.


If you have done/ are doing all these things then you are putting yourself in good stead of being found easier on the web.