When was the last time you telephoned your office?


What was your telephone experience?

This is how your customers are greeted –

Does it represent you in the best possible way?


More often than not the telephone is the first introduction to your Business that a potential customer has. Your ambassador – the person who answers that call should be positive – informed – cheerful – knowledgeable – helpful and speak clearly and concisely.


Are your staff engaged and caring for your Business?


At The Telephone Marketing & Training Company we recommend all Employers to check and to motivate their staff to be key sales people for the business

We train staff to be focused – confident and encourage incentives for positive and productive telephone techniques encouraging new business.

If just one person spent 1 hour a day on the phone promoting and enthusing about your business – that could be 5 hours per week – 240 hours per year In Telephone Marketing terms that could cost you £7600. Underemployed staff can be motivated to promote your business.


One Days Training (two sessions) for up to 6 People would cost £480.00

This would include Business Research before the Training Day

Script Construction – Teaching Tried and Tested Formulas –

Telephone Etiquette – The Art of Telephone Communication

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